These were my rules before Daddy failed me, now I am free to do whatever the fuck I want. (Like say fuck)

1) I will be open and honest with my feelings at all times. No lies, no hiding anything especially feelings. Instead of getting frustrated and shutting down I’ll talk to daddy. Maybe take a few moments to compose myself, but I’ll always bring it to Daddy and try to seek his help.

2) I’ll be kind to myself, I won’t say bad things about myself. Not that I do this much anymore, just good to keep myself accountable. I’m getting better at taking the compliment.

3) I’ll take care of myself physically. I am a type 1. 5 diabetic. I’ll take my meds correctly, exercise, balance my stress, etc. Enter daily food journals.

5) If I need something from daddy, I’ll let him know. I haven’t always been good about asking for what I need. I’ll also accept help if I really truly need it.

6) Daddy is my only daddy.

7) I’ll trust daddy to always give me what I need, not always what I want. I understand Daddy has to be tough with me sometimes.

8) I’ll always say good morning with a morning selfie and goodnight to daddy with a nini selfie. We will never go to bed angry.

9) I’ll ask permission to go to the bathroom. If Daddy isn’t around, still ask, wait a full minute then go and let Daddy know that I went. Exceptions are during night or first thing in the morning, busy work times or certain times that just can not ask. However let Daddy know as soon as possible.

10) I’m yours to teach, to guide, to hold accountable, to control, to mentor, to push my limits, and discover new limits with.

11) NO swearing unless special circumstances.

12) Jorurnals are due twice a week, Monday and Thursday. Journey is to be done within the assigned week. Tasks are to be done by assigned due date. Lines due within 24 hours. Punishments are due at Daddy’s discretion. Extensions must be approved by daddy and subject to consequences.

13) If something makes me uncomfortable or sad I promise to tell daddy, and together we will find a solution and work together to solve it.

14) I’ll ask for advice and guidance on situations that I don’t know how to handle. I know that I tend to be stubborn, but I am a work in progress and trying. When I’m seeking assistance it isn’t necessarily something I am going to do, it’s talking through my thought process and finding the best solution.

15) All rules are up to negotiation as we grow and evolve in this relationship.

16) I’ll listen to and follows daddy’s rules, and know I may be punished for not following the rules. I recognize that daddys punishments at times may appear to be harsh, but I know it is to help me remember my rules. Just because a punishment may seem harsh, it doesn’t mean Daddys love goes away. Daddy always loves, protects, and supports his princess.

17)Time management. I won’t be late for things, will aim to be five minutes early at least.

18) When in text conversation I will use BRB, BBS, BBL to show that I’m not just disappearing and so Daddy doesn’t worry. I will also always let Daddy know when I am going somewhere, such as going to the store and when I’m on my way back so he knows that I am safe.

19) My pleasure and orgasms belong to Daddy, I will not touch myself or have any sexual pleasure with out the explicit permission from Daddy.

20) I have a set bedtime based on my level and if it is a school or work night, failure to go to bed ontime unless excused prior will result in going to be 30 minutes later the next day and possibility of other punishments.

Revised: 2018-11-27