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  • For your Daddy

    What is a need (really can’t live without) and what is a desire (can live without)? What kind of experience do they have? What makes you feel you have experience…

  • Blood

    So I read your story about your first knife play. It turned me on and made me wet but it also made me wonder some things. What happens if he…

  • Random Questions

    Glad my questions make you think, thanks for the detailed answers makes me want to ask more. Your website is very nice, and blog very open and honest. As for…

  • Sickest

    What is the most disgusting task you would be willing to do?

  • Would You…..

    Would you ever agree to being chained with limited movement for the course of a weekend, where Daddy takes you everyday he can??

  • Questions

    1. how sensitive are your nipples? 1=not 5=sorta 10=VERY! 2. do you like to have your nipples played with? 3. have your ever given a blow job? if yes, when?…

  • S&M

    Since your Daddy is a sadist and you a masochist,.. What is the most painful task you’ve done? Whats his most extreme pain based fantasy? Whats your most extreme pain…

  • Encouragement

    What thing daddy had encourage you to try that you where really nervous to try but ended up enjoying?

  • Untried

    Thanks for you very details and well thought out response to my questions regarding TPE and control . Sounds like you and daddy have a very good loving and trusting…

  • TPE & Control

    Is there anything your daddy doesnt have control over? How did you get in to TPE? whats you favourite colour and why?