Princess’ Bio

Princess is a submissive little who practices BDSM.  Through training and discipline she has found her freedom and escape.  Princess lived in a harsh world of being married to a controlling narcissistic mentally and sexually abusive man for 21 years.  Finding Daddy gave her the courage to leave and make a new life for herself.

Princess is in her early 40’s with a passion for living.  She is strong willed, but obedient to Daddy and Daddy only. Princess has one daughter affectionately known on here as PBJ (Pumpkin Butt Jr.). Princess enjoys gardening, making homemade botanicals, crafting, cooking and baking, crocheting, coloring, sewing, finding old things and restoring them, twirling in pretty dresses, swinging (on a swing set), snuggling and watching the fireflies glow on a starry summer night, grape popsicles, the very bottom of an ice cream cone when the bottom is a little soggy, thunderstorms raging while making love to Daddy, rusty old Dodge Ram trucks, and in general just enjoying the little things in life!

One day she wants to start a Golden Retriever sanctuary. Golden Retrievers are one of the most misplaced breeds. People often choose them because they are amazing animals! However, it takes a lot of training and dedication to get them there!  Their energy and exuberance often is too much for the inexperienced dog parent.  People often get a golden puppy then after awhile just can’t handle the puppiness and they start to grow into a problem child, because they were never taught boundaries and rules.  Also, if Golden’s are with their families for life many can’t handle seeing their older golden degrading so they re-home them at the end of their lives.  This breaks the princess’s heart having had five Golden’s herself.  She wants a Golden Retriever sanctuary to help all the misplaced Golden’s! Of course she wouldn’t turn down any animal in need, she intends to have a whole farm named “The Sanctuary”.

She also wants to open up to teenage foster care.  So many have given up on teenagers who just need love, guidance, rules and boundaries, and someone to believe in them.  Working in special education and social work field, this is something very close to her heart.  At The Sanctuary everyone will be loved and be given a second chance at life! Princess will be finishing her bachelors of psychology degree very soon which will most definitely be of use!

Since finding Daddy, Princess has overcame many fears and has broken many limits. One of princess’ favorite things now which was a limit once before is knife play.  Princess finds it incredibly sensual, sexy, and therapeutic.

Princess is loving, caring, empathetic, and bubbly.  Princess is a people person and never has met a stranger. She is a social butterfly and makes everyone feel loved and never judges.  She is open and bluntly honest. If you have and questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask!! Princess is an open book! She hopes sharing her story and experience can help others!