Daddy’s Creed

Above all else a Daddy Dom values his princess and understands the vulnerability of her position upon his chain. Knowing that she has assumed her correct place in the DD/lg (D/s) world he is bound to compel her to behave as what she is, and to correct her as she strives to achieve the utmost fulfillment of her natural needs.
A Daddy Dom is demanding and takes full advantage of the power he wields, but accepts the responsibility which comes with his Mastery. He takes pride in the achievements of his princess, and rewards their devoted service by administering pleasure as he sees fit.
A Daddy Dom is first and foremost Master of himself. Until he can Master himself, how can he Master others?
A Daddy Dom holds the power to compel his princess to weep real tears, but is wise and compassionate enough to do so only in the best interests of his Mastery and to ensure that she grows in her submissiveness. A Daddy Dom will reward his princess generously as he sees fit, also to compel obedience and to promote growth in her submissiveness. Whether he is punishing or comforting, he never forgets that he is the Dom.
A Daddy Dom’s role is never dictated merely by time or location. He will remember that the feelings and emotions of his princess are a vital part of his relationship with her, and will not hesitate to comfort or offer solace to his princess, should it seem good to him.
To be a Daddy Dom a man must be strong enough to command his princess’ respect and her trust, so that she may serve him willingly in the knowledge that he will allow nothing less. A Daddy Dom will strive at all times to guide and to teach a princess the truths of her position in the DD/lg and D/s society, and upon his control.
A Daddy Dom is not afraid to demonstrate his humor, his kindness, and his warmth. A Daddy Dom in not an uncaring machine, though often he may behave as one. The princess understands this and appreciates his softer qualities when they manifest.
A Daddy Dom should, through his deeds and actions, demonstrate to his princess that he is worthy of her service to him. He must be strong enough to maintain her under the strictest discipline even in an informal setting. He must prove himself inflexible when the situation requires it, and be wise enough to allow some leeway when it, too, is necessary.
A Daddy Dom will be strong enough to defend what is his, when it becomes necessary. He will protect his princess from the consequences of his own folly, and see to it that she is suitably corrected when she errs. He is a pillar of strength which she may lean on in times of duress, and his princess may take heart in knowing that he is there to guide her and maintain her in her submissiveness.
When it comes time to instruct his princess and to compel her obedience, he is a strong and unyielding teacher. A Daddy Dom will accept no flaw in his princess’s performance in regards to her actions, and will make certain that those actions please homself. His princess is always under his eye.
A Daddy Dom may punish his princess at any time, for any reason. When he does so, however, it is always to serve a purpose, and to maintain his Mastery according to his position in the DD/lg D/s society.
A Daddy Dom will always pay the strictest attention to the feelings and emotional needs of his princess, fulfilling them when he deems it appropriate.
A Daddy Dom will utilize whatever means he feels is necessary to compel his princess to accept and maintain her position in DD/lg D/s society.
A Daddy Dom seeks to learn more of himself from his princess, and is wise enough to know that he is not always correct. He expects his princess to allow him to discover these things for himself, as he is free.
A Daddy Dom understands that each partner gains most from fulfilling the other’s needs, be they the need to serve or the need to command.
And a Daddy Dom knows that should he be too weak to Master his princess, she will not be his princess for long.