2019-03-17 journal one

Pardon my princess meltdown last night…. Overworked, lack of sleep, over emotional…

Back to normal, better than normal, with my fight brought on.   Now my problem that I need to solve, because you know that princess doesn’t stay down very long.  Bringing Daddy and I back to the beginning.  Back to normal, back to where we started.  Overcoming this hill of crap that has come between us and throwing the rope over and balancing ourselves to climb our way to the top, back to each other.

The crap is there, it was accumulated  we can’t erase what has happened  things said and done. The only thing we can do is help each other to overcome it. To get over it.  We have to balance each other the way we always have.  We have to help each other the way we always have.  When one is down the other is up.  We will overcome this.  I am way too stubborn to give up the man I love and the man who freed me.  The man I owe my life to.  We all have our moments of being down.  But Daddy is not out, because he has his princess, forever and always by his side.  Forever and a day your princess bride.  You are my Neverending story.  We will make history, and together we will make magic.  You are my home and my adventure all at once.  Grab ahold of me, and don’t let go.  Let me answer my own question this time…. We are going to be just fine, we are going to have our happily ever after. I promise  And we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

I love you forever….


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