When and where do you like to be little?

Why do you like to be Little?
• Is your Little side always or sometimes dominant?
• Do you feel dominant toward everyone or only to a specific person or type of person?
• Is your Little mean, like a bully or a tattletale?
• Is your Little a leader?
• Do you enjoy physical discomfort when in Little space, like spankings, hairpulling, rough penetration, etc.?
• Do you enjoy emotional discomfort, like being teased, being scolded, being put on time out, losing your favorite toy, etc.? If so, is this discomfort just part of your interactions as a Little or is it a punishment?
• Should punishments be non-sexual, sexual, or a mix of the two?
• Do you enjoy more domestic punishments like being spanked with a belt or hairbrush?
• Do you enjoy more institutional punishments like being spanked with a paddle or being made to hold dictionaries on outstretched arms?
• Does your Little self experience full-blown feelings of adult love or crushes?
• How would your Little self express romantic affection?
• In which ways would you not like to experience or express romantic affection as a Little? Would these expressions make you uncomfortable or do they just not resonate with you?
• Is your Little self more or less open to multiple romantic relationships than your Big self? Equally open?
• Is it appropriate for a Little your age to have a romantic partner and go on dates? Would you do it even if or because it was inappropriate?
• Would your partner take the lead in the relationship or would you?
• Would you only date your Big?
• Would your relationship to your Big be more of a parent child relationship where your Big would determine whether or not you could date other individuals?
• Does your Little self like to hurt others? If so, why? (If your Little side is indeed sadistic, you may want to visit Wikipedi a’s entry, List of School
• Do you enjoy inflicting physical pain, like giving someone a wedgie or an Indian burn?
• Do you enjoy inflicting emotional pain, like calling someone names or insisting that a Big read you a sexual story when they don’t want to?
• Do you like to have sexual contact when in Little space? If so, what kind? Do you like to masturbate in Little mode?
• Does play still feel sexual even if you’re not engaging in sexual activity?
• Do you like the vibe to feel intense, playful, coerced, or some other way?
• Do you prefer to be the one to initiate sexual contact? How might your partner ask if you would like to be sexual and obtain consent?
• What, if anything, makes a sexual experience as a Little different from a sexual experience as a Big?
• Does entering Little headspace allow you to de-stress or experience emotions that you might usually have trouble accessing?
• Are there things that can stress you out when you’re Little?
• How does your Little respond to stress?
• As a Little, do you feel submissive to certain people, for ex ample, caregivers?
• Do you only feel submissive to one person? Are you submissive in general?
• Is being made to be Little the same as being made to submit?

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