Who is your Little Self?


• When in Little mode, do you behave yourself?
I usually always behave.  I am fairly obedient no matter what mode I’m in.  I do have my moments of when I don’t listen, or I get super pouty, or frustrated and act out. They are few and far between. Most often when I break rules it’s unintentional, like forgetting to ask to go to the bathroom or staying up past bedtime.
• Which adjectives describe you? Are you bratty? Helpful? Shy?
Sometimes bratty, I used to say I was only a brat.  However, I realize now that was me looking for guidance, rules, boundaries.  When I don’t have those I do turn bratty and act out.  It’s my unintentional way of saying please give me some rules and boundaries I feel like my life is spinning out of control.
I try to be helpful, but sometimes my helpful ends up having the opposite effect.
Bubbly! I am very bubbly and bouncy and full of life.
• Does your behavior and demeanor heavily depend on the  situation?
Yes, absolutely!! Work me, I am very different. Much more in charge, in control, decisive, have authority.  If I am in a large crowd I am typically more anxious.  Depending on who I am with is dependent on what part of me I let come out.


• Are there any labels that might help others to understand you better?
Since this is about Little self the only label that really applies is little.  Little girl , baby girl, Princess are all things Daddy has labeled me as. Not sure it will help anyone understand me better.
• Do you like this label?
I like what Daddy has labeled me, because it fits.  However, as a general rule I’m not a fan of labels.
• What, if anything, do you wish was different about how people perceived the label?
I wish people in general would look at age play differently.  It has nothing to do with pedophilia.  It is frowned upon heavily in this community.  It is nothing more than a person being able to live out who they feel they are on the inside in a safe way.  Or a Daddy or a Mommy being able to nurture their submissive in a loving way.  It is incredibly misunderstood and misinformed.
• Do you use this label only out of necessity or do you wear it proudly?
I wear it proudly, especially Princess. I am Daddy’s Princess, his baby girl, his eveyand I do wear it with pride.


• Do you have a Little personality distinct from your everyday self? If so,what are the differences?
I don’t think so.  Pretty much what you see is what you get.  We could be out with the kids and I’ll see a gumball machine that has crazy lights and twirls and I’ll still get bouncy and ask daddy for a quarter! It’s just who I am.  When we are alone and I am in little space it is just more. Sippy cup, paci, etc.
• Do you prefer being your everyday self to being Little or vice versa? Do you enjoy both personas more or less equally?
So I am pretty much the same all the time. However there are times when I have to tuck my little self away and I have to live in the adult world for awhile.  I prefer just being me, where I don’t have to think, I can just be. When I put my little self away, I have to really think about what I say and do first.  Maybe that’s part of my problem is I don’t really do that often.  I should and I know I should, I just don’t.  I love who I am, but not everyone appreciates that. Sadly we live in a society where people don’t really adapt to who people really are. They like them to fit a mold, an idea of what they should be, society norm.  I have never been that girl to really care about society norms! I just think it’s better to be yourself, no matter who you are!


• Do you like to regress, i.e. feel like you’ve become a younger age, when you’re age playing? If so, how do your behavior and thoughts change?
I do!  I had an amazing childhood when I was with my grandparents.  With my parents, they epically failed at parenting.  No rules or boundaries but I did get into trouble for not following them.  So with Daddy when I can age regress, I love to go back to being a little girl.  Playing dress up, twirling in pretty dresses,  making messes, singing, splashing in puddles, all of the things I wasn’t allowed to do.  I always had to be a perfect young lady. I wasn’t allowed to play with my pretty dolls, make messes, be loud, any of that fun stuff.  Just by nature I am childlike.  I still call fireflies fairies and still pick up the poofy dandelions that have gone to seed and blow them and make a wish on them.  So it’s not a stretch! I adult when I have to basically.
• If you do regress, is your Little self an expression of an alternate personality, or just you as your younger self?
Just me as my younger self as I wish I could have been allowed to grow up.  I’m not a great actress, I can’t lie for crap, so I don’t think I could layup an alternate personality and keep track of it.

What does your Little like to do?


• What sort of clothing does your Little like to wear? Do you like special panties, ruffled socks, onesies, overalls, etc.?
Pretty dresses that twirl are a must!! Ruffle socks and ruffle panties! I love pigtails and ribbons in my hair, bows, my kitty ears, character clothes…. like I would totally wear lilo and stitch, Alice in wonderland, Cinderella, etc! I love boots and shoes. Particularly converse and I replace the laces with ribbons.
• Do you consider age play clothes to be fetish wear or would you wear them in public in your daily life?
I’d wear most in my everyday life. Except a diaper in public. That is special, for Daddy only!
• Would you be able to age play without these clothes?
Of course… it’s just who I am…. it does make it much more fun!


• Do you enjoy playing with other Littles?
No! I tend to get jealous and annoyed.  I absolutely support other littles, I love to hear their stories, but I only play alone.  I love to guide other littles, answer questions, share my stories, help them to find their little self.  When it comes to playing with other littles…. no.
• Are your relationships with other Littles an expression of polyamory or are they strictly platonic?
No relationship with other littles at all besides talking to them on twitter. Or answering questions to guide them in their journey.
• Do you enjoy being cared for by caregiver who may not be bonded to you, like a babysitter, or do you only want a very close caregiver, like a Mommy?
Gah! No! Daddy, and Daddy only!!
• List three characteristics of the ideal Big for your Little.
Big?? As in a big sister?? Nooooo…. none of that happening here thank you very much!!
• List three characteristics of your Little’s perfect best friend.
Fluffy, four paws, and lets just say a Golden Retriever!


• Do you like to wear diapers when you’re being Little? If so, what kind? (Birdseye cloth diapers, disposable diapers, training pants, etc.)
So this is something Daddy and I have been on about before and it took me a long trine to try.  I tried disposable, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  They were quite comfortable, made me feel very secure and protected.  I did not like the plastic crinkle, or that every time I turned the tabs would come loose.
I wouldn’t mind trying cloth or training pants if not so thick.  I still want to look cute and not like I’m wearing saggy old lady panties!! I still prefer cute ruffle panties , but wouldn’t mind occasionally wearing these for Daddy.
• Are you loyal to a particular brand?
• Choose three adjectives to describe your perfect diaper.
Thin, quiet, breathable
• Do you like to use diapering toiletries like baby powder, baby oil, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream, etc.?
Yes! I’d be completely happy with Daddy powdering me or oiling me and then helping me into my big girl ruffle panties!
• Do you become embarrassed when you wear a diaper and, if so, is it enjoyable to be embarrassed?
Not with Daddy, but if I was made to wear it in public, yes. And no, I do not enjoy being embarrassed.  Humiliation for me is a big no no.
• Do you like wetting or messing your diaper? If so, do you like being made to wear a wet or soiled diaper for an extended length of time?
No! That was the one way I said I would wear a diaper, I would not actually use it.  I’m definitely not there yet!!  I don’t see that one happening for a long while! That’s definitely a push limit!
• What are the steps of your ideal changing ritual?  
I’d like for Daddy to give me a bath, help me out towel me off and then put my special coconut and orange oil blend all over my body, then pay special attention to princess parts.  Powdering , and then helping me into my ruffle panties.  Helping me with my t shirt and brushing my hair and then pulling me into his lap and snuggling me with his thumb or my paci while we watch a movie.
• Is a diaper change sexual for you? If so, is it foreplay or the main event? Is a diaper itself a sex toy to you?
Not necessarily so, but the act of caring for me turns me on insatiably.  I would not mind at all if it turned sexual during this time.
• How do you feel about simulated messy diapers with things like shaving cream or bananas?
Nope! Moving on, next question please!!
• Do you enjoy forced diaper use, like enemas and diuretics? Be specific.
Gah! No!! I can not be specific enough, I do not enjoy this, I hate this, I would cry and be completely humiliated and hurt if forced to do this.  This would be the end of any sort of diaper play.
• How do you feel about including sexual paraphernalia like butt plugs in a diaper change?
I would be all for that! Or the we vibe! Or any orther sort of fun toys!!


• What are your Little self’s favorite things to do during playtime?
Color, go to the park, play with makeup and nail stuff and hair stuff.  Play with my studies, watch cartoons, puzzles… I’m open to ideas. I’m kinda adhd, so I see something shiny and my attention shifts.
• Do you have any special toys? Would you be upset if someone else touched or used this toy?
My stuffies! And only Daddy can play with them…. considering I don’t play with other littles.
• Are you good at sharing?
Not really, unless it’s with Daddy, but never sharing Daddy!! Never, ever, ever will I ever share Daddy. He is mine, only mine.
• Would you engage in an activity that you didn’t like or found boring in order to accommodate a playmate?
Uh no.  Unless it’s Daddy, then of course because he always makes everything fun!
• Describe a perfect afternoon with your ideal Little best friend.
No little best friend for me, except Daddy.  Perfect afternoon would be going to the park, maybe to the movies. Drinking a slushie and eating popcorn and gummies that I smuggled in.  Then after maybe pizza at our favorite pizza place. Then home for bath time snuggles, story time and falling asleep in Daddy’s arms snuggling Eleanor (my fave stuffie).  Sucking on my paci,while he watches baseball or some Daddy show.  With the puppy and kitty curled up beside me, perfection.
• Do you have imaginary friends? Are you friends with your stuffed animals and toys?
Um no, all of my friends are real. And yes of course Eleanor, Allie, and Ollie are real…. I mean I know they don’t really live, but they have real meaning to me because Daddy gave them to me.  They’ve each held a lot of tears, and kept me company on lonely nights! They know all of my prayers and hold all of my deepest secrets and wishes.
My best non human best friend is Stella, my two year old Golden Retriever puppy.  She is more like an emotional support puppy. She came to me at the darkest time of my life and has been my protection.  I had to leave her for awhile when I was training for work and I think my ex and some of the girls or guys he brought home abused her. She has been different, more protective. But I have an amazing Daddy whom she loves and he has been so incredibly patient with her.  She is most definitely my best non human friend!


• Does your Little self enjoy or tolerate being punished?
I think enjoy isn’t quite the right word, but I think understands the need for it and how much it helps.  So sometimes I feel like I need punishment because I feel like my whole world is spinning out of control, and punishment brings me back.  It shows me that there is law and order and rules in the world.  Sometimes when I feel like I’ve been bad, and Daddy doesn’t, I do something to get the punishment I feel I deserve. Daddy always knows though, and he will not punish me if it’s not deserved.
• Would you prefer punishments to be humiliating, painful, or time-consuming?
Either time consuming or painful.  Definitely not humiliation.  For a punishment to work it has to teach me a lesson.  Lines, essays, and research has all had positive effects on me.  Disappointing Daddy has the biggest effects on me.  Knowing that I’ve hurt him or upset him in any way is usually punishment enough that I will never repeat that behavior again.
• Which punishments would you absolutely not submit to?
Humiliation… pretty much anything I would submit to oh and extreme predicament bondage.
• How does being punished make you feel?
Oddly, safe and protected.  I was never punished as a kid, so I never found where my limits and boundaries were.   Being punished now let’s me know that Daddy cares and loves me enough to teach me the rules and my limits.  To keep me safe and to protect me.  To let me know when I’ve gone too far.   To let me know that I’ve made a mistake but it’s okay that we can fix it.
• Should punishment be an experience on its own or only in response to misbehavior on your part?
Definitely a response to misbehavior.  I don’t want punishment to be an experience.  If it is then it will lose its effects.  Spanking is no longer a form of punishment, because I get off on it, it’s more therapeutic.
• Would you become upset or defiant if you felt that you were being punished unjustly?
Yes, I would definitely be upset and most likely emotional and I would plead my case and depending on the punishment cry or pout.  However, Daddy does not punish unjust and he is very fair about listening to why a certain punishment should not happen.
• List five punishments that you would enjoy submitting to.
I’m not sure what the intentions are behind this.
• Should punishments be appropriate to your Little age? What are your criteria for determining appropriate punishment?
Punishments should fit the crime, regardless. I don’t have a criteria for how a punishment should be determined.  I leave that up to Daddy to know me well enough to know if a punishment fits the crime, and if it will work to keep me from doing it again.
• Do you enjoy having special rules for when you’re in Little space?
No, I pretty much want the same rules all the time across the board.  If not I will forget.
• Are these rules meant to control your behavior or help you get into Little space?
Rules are meant to control my behavior.  Daddy can simply say it’s little time and I can flip a switch.  Much different than sub space.
• Would these rules be realistic rules that a chronological child should abide by, like washing your hands before you eat, or fetishistic, like having to wet at least two diapers per day?
Realistic rules.  Asking to go to the bathroom, bedtimes, things like that.
• Would these rules be set by your Big alone or would you have input? Are there certain rules that you would not consent to?
Daddy set my rules with my input.  We pretty much talked through them and the need for certain rules. There were even rules that I asked for!
• Based on your Little age, how much control would a Big have over you in regards to leisure time, goals, speech, dress, hygiene, etc.? For example, someone playing as one-year-old probably would not dress themselves, but a twelve-year-old may exclusively make decisions about their dress.
I like Daddy to have full control when in little space!! Pick my outfits, etc. maybe offer me a choice and if I say I don’t know then you pick.  I really don’t like making choices. So part of the attraction for me is to not have to make choices.
• Does your Little self have chores? Homework? If so, do you have a good attitude about it?
Yes, I have tasks and I almost always have a good attitude about it.  Very rarely do I whine about it.
• Do you enjoy using age play in order to motivate you to do work, like having a sticker chart or earning a reward?
Omg! That would be awesome! But I want it to add up to a big girl reward like money to a certain account for pretty new dress, new boots, or a new tattoo because I have two cover ups right now to do!
• Would this scenario work only in a fantasy setting or would you like to be motivated to complete mundane chores, like paying bills and cleaning the kitchen?
Yes! Please motivate me!!! I hate mundane chores!!!

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