Daddy’s Bio

Daddy is a Daddy Dominant who practices BDSM. The road to becoming a dominant was long for him. He decided that if he wanted to be a true Dominant he needed to truly understand what it was like to be a submissive. He served as a submissive for a year to a very capable mistress who taught him both the art of submission and Dominance. Daddy decided long ago he would never ask one of his submissive’s to do anything he hasn’t done himself. It wasn’t until recent years that Daddy started to be untreated in his more nurturing side and wanted to explore being a Daddy more.

Daddy is also in his early 40’s and really lives life! He is firm but loving with his guidance and nurturing. He knows how to love and care for his Princess just right. Princess is his one and only, now and forever. Daddy has three daughters and three granddaughters. This most likely explains why he is so incredible with his Princess!

Daddy loves anything computer related. He can build anything, fix anything, and invent just about anything. He knows all about cars, how to fix them, etc. Daddy is a huge baseball fan, Cincinnati Reds being the best team out there and Joey Votto the best player on the team!! Also a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan. Princess was originally a Wolverine, it was almost a deal breaker! Daddy is also a fan of anime, metal and rap music and actually all genres although Princess says he has music ADHD. Switching from one song to the next across genres before one song is even over! Daddy loves movie marathons while Princess falls asleep with her head in his lap, spending time with his family, watching Princess twirl in pretty dresses when she thinks no one is watching, and just enjoying the little things in life!

Daddy fully supports Princess in “The Sanctuary”. He used to raise and train Boxers , and knows how important this mission is to his Princess. Daddy is also fully on board with teenage Foster Care, as he started a teen mentoring program and has been a licensed pastor for years. Daddy has worked in social work for quite a while and will have his bachelors degree in social work at the end of 2019 and on his way to an MSW in addition then a PHD! Daddy is very ambitious and his Princess is so incredible proud of him!!

Daddy’s favorite quote is “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious – Albert Einstein” and this is how he feels about everything in his life. Daddy is highly intelligent and turned down entry in to mensa, on his first degree he graduated with a perfect 4.0 and currently maintains a 3.9. Daddy is capable of using both sides of his brain at the same time to solve complex problems.

Since finding Princess he has opened her to a whole new world of things he never thought he would do. It wasn’t until Daddy met his Princess that he has fully embraced all sides of his Dominant self… Daddy, Dominant, and Sadist. Through her pure love and trust in him he was able to open this part of himself up to explore safely. Together they have discovered many new things!

Daddy is loving, gentle, kind, patient, empathetic, intelligent, funny, a man of deep integrity, and open. He loves to teach and is more than happy to help and answer any questions! This world isn’t for everyone, and it’s been our mission to open up and show what it really is and help others open up and be safe. Please feel free to ask any questions!